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Urianism (Sutherlin)

Trying to organize home church group of people who are into Urianism, based on a book called "The Elyon."

I've been interested in and practicing this faith for awhile, with a couple other people, and have even distributed some books locally (and throughout the state), and am hoping there are a few others out there who are into this path. It's been around online for years, but membership seems scattered all over the globe.

Not trying to start a book club or a debate society, but to find fellowship and mutual support in the Path, as it is a very serious and rather intense teaching. Not a pro, so we will be learning and growing together.

A quick Google search will reveal many links about this teaching. The New Religion Wiki gives a good, if a bit critical, overview of the teachings, and the book can be found (free download) at lulu (./dot) com. I even found a link that accessed a full copy of the book, for free, on Google books, and there is a whole lot of videos on YouTube (including an overview and the entire book on audio-video).

If I were to summarize the teachings:
*Monotheistic/Panentheistic: One personal, non-gendered, supreme deity - known by many names in history...
*Gnostic: Emphasizing personal revelation/connection to God
*Theurgy: recommend Wikipedia article - it's very good
*Judeo-Christian: It's values and worldview are in agreement with traditional Western/Judeo-Christian ideas
*Mysticism: Emphasizing meditation, individuation/self-realization, sacred chant of divine names, etc...
*Group Therapy: The teachings describe meetings that are more like group therapy or a support group (AA like) approach...
*Futuristic: Having a socio-political vision that the Way is to work toward manifesting on Earth - e.g. The Kingdom Come.
*No Baggage: It does not have the historical baggage, nor the ambiguity of previous monotheistic religions.
*Christian Aspect: Acknowledges that Yeshua/Immanuel was a real person, died and rose from the dead, sits at the right hand of God, and that Christ is the mediator... Christ Immanuel is viewed as more than one person, taking many forms (Jesus being primary on Earth), even forms sent to other worlds and peoples in every universe, as the spirit that calls all souls to the One God/Parent/Most High (Elyon).

If you find you like the teachings, agree with them, contact me. Can exchange a few emails, work up to calls, or meeting in a neutral place like a coffee shop, and then home meetings. Given the teachings, which would trigger both extremes in our current society, there will be a get to know you phase.
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