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Bernie Sanders 2016 Organizational Mtng (Grants Pass) pic map [xundo]

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Facts to know (mfr > GP) [xundo]

Facts to know (mfr > GP) [xundo]

Justice for Wilbert Gay, Jr. (mfr > Medford) map [xundo]

Lion Hunter in Legal Thicket [xundo]

Left wingers ??? . . . [xundo]

pitaful scam state vs.fed (mfr > illinois valley) [xundo]

Any viewing parties planned for debate next week? (eug > Eugene/ Springfield) map [xundo]

Don't you want the rich guys to win in 2016 [xundo]

Little help for the un-informed and naive map [xundo]

The Republican party is coming undone (mfr > Medford) pic [xundo]

What you should know about Africa's history [xundo]

re: blacks fleeing Africa [xundo]

Blacks Fleeing Africa map [xundo]

The Supreme Court Ruling on Health Care (mfr > Medford) [xundo]

The Miliatry-Industrial Complex (mfr > Medford) [xundo]

re: Ooooo ouch [xundo]

Ooooo ouch map [xundo]

Racists flagging stuff that scares them [xundo]

re: Chemtrail/Geoengineering [xundo]

Chemtrail/Geoengineering [xundo]

Thought for the day pic [xundo]

Things to make you go Hmmmm.... pic [xundo]

re: re: License to lie [xundo]

Hey you CL media conservatives [xundo]

"Re: Recall" idiot map [xundo]

Re: Licensed to Lie [xundo]

Re: Obama Africa trip [xundo]

re: Donald Trump is ahead!!!...etc. [xundo]

re: Random shootings [xundo]

re: Let's see. what would I do... [xundo]

Obama asks . . . map [xundo]

RE: Random Mulitiple Shootings [xundo]

re: I don't recall EVER even referring to Fox news [xundo]

re: Let's see. what would I do... [xundo]

'Truest' map [xundo]

Let's see. what would I do... map [xundo]

The truest thing ever said by a President... [xundo]

Just the facts, ma'am. map [xundo]